Claims & Reporting

The WCA Group Health Trust’s full-service claims administrator is flexible, efficient and innovative. This includes personalized claims services and effective claims cost management.

The administrator’s claim payment system allows them to process custom-plan designs online. Your plan design options are not restricted by claims-processing limitations and they customize their software applications so your claims are processed quickly and efficiently based on your specific plan benefits.

In addition, they offer a “customer first” approach that replaces the traditional department structure employed by most of our competitors. The dedicated client team will provide you and your benefit program with timely, personal service that is hard to find in today’s industry.

There are a broad range of online reports available to help you manage your benefit plan costs. You will have access to your reports that are available on the administrator’s secure, password protected extranet site. These reports will provide you with valuable information about your plan’s claims cost, benefit utilization, PPO network savings and special claims cost savings.

Specialized Reports

The WCA Group Health Trust offers our clients a broad range of online reports to help you manage your health benefit program. The reports are available on a secure, password protected extranet site and available at any time to our group contacts.

This information includes:

  • Eligibility census and eligibility
  • Monthly paid claims (medical and prescription)
  • Large claimant summary
  • Network savings
  • Top procedures
  • Top providers

For compliance with the Protected Health Information (PHI), as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we do not include any individual insured’s information. All information is summarized in a format eliminating and not identifying any individual insured’s name.

The information you receive in the report identifies and provides you with the pertinent analysis to assist in negotiating and managing your claims to keep up with medical trends and of your group’s utilization.

The WCA Group Health Trust offers quick and secure access to online reports to help you manage your health benefit program.

Member Resources

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