WCA Group Health Trust Announces Board Appointments

Posted on February 15, 2018

Local & School Officials to Serve Two-Year Terms

The WCA Group Health Trust has announced appointments and re-appointments to serve on the company’s board of directors for three-year terms. Those local and school officials include:

  • Ron Hoff, Vernon County Clerk: Appointed by WCA Board Chair Gregg Moore
  • Bill Barribeau, Calumet County Supervisor:  Re-appointed by WCA Board Chair Gregg Moore
  • Steve Sedlmayr, Alma School District Superintendent:  Re-appointed by WCA Group Health Trust Board of Directors
  • Tom Wegner, Sheboygan County Board Chair:  Re-appointed by WCA Group Health Trust Board of Directors

Terms for all individuals expire December 31, 2020.

“These individuals are outstanding leaders in their communities and have been important contributors to the mission of the organization,” said Michael Lamont, Chief Operating Officer to the WCA Group Health Trust. “Mr. Barribeau, Mr. Sedlmayr and Mr. Wegner have been valuable and active members of the Board of Directors and we look forward to working with them once again. We also welcome Mr. Hoff and believe he will make an important impact on the board.”

The WCA Group Health Trust was established in 1991 when a concerned group of Wisconsin county officials joined together to create an employee benefit program that would meet the unique needs of local governments. The Trust is a resource for assisting Wisconsin counties, local units of government and school districts in fulfilling their employee health benefit obligations in a fiscally responsible manner.

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