Successful GHT Fitness Challenge in the Books

Posted on September 7, 2012

Oneida County's "Flabulously Fit" Takes Home First

Wellness programs in the workplace have become increasingly popular as people take a more active approach to their own healthcare.  As a leader in wellness initiatives, the WCA Group Health Trust (GHT) saw this as an opportunity to create a state-wide fitness program for its members and their families.  For ten weeks, 216 teams from around the state competed in the GHT Physical Fitness Challenge.  Teams were encouraged to get up, get out and move! 

To kick off the challenge, each participant received a moisture wicking performance shirt and a fitness log to track points. Teams of eight worked together to reach a weekly goal of 160 points, that was most surpassed.  One point was earned for each ten-minute increment of moderate to vigorous physical activity.  At the end of each week, teammates combined their individual points and reported a total for the team.  Each team that reached the goal of 160 points was eligible for a weekly prize drawing.  Two teams were picked each week, and prizes included gift cards from Subway and iTunes, healthy cookbooks, food scales, weights, filtered water bottles, bike computers, exercise mats, weighted jump ropes and sports bags.

Bonus points were rewarded for individuals that participated in community or charity sponsored fitness events, including 5K run/walks, triathlons and bike races.  The results were impressive, with 290 reports of event participation throughout the ten-week period. 

Halfway through the challenge, an award was given to the team that accumulated the most points.  The Flabulessly Fit team from Oneida County was in the lead, so each team member received a $50 VISA gift card.  Participants were encouraged to vote for their favorite team name.  In a close race Waist Management took the honor of “Best Team Name.”  Grilling tool sets were rewarded for their creativity.  Other team names in the running included, Mission Slimpossible, Muffin Top Stoppers and WTF: Witness the Fitness. 

The GHT Physical Fitness Challenge wrapped up in late July and prizes were awarded to the three highest scoring teams and the most improved team.  Most improved was determined by the percentage of increase between the points reported during the first five weeks compared to the last five. Competition was fierce, but in the end Flabulessly Fit from Oneida County took the gold!
    First Place: Flabulessly Fit, Oneida County
    Second Place: Buns n’ Guns, Oneida County
    Third Place: 8 is Enough, Brown Deer School District
    Most Improved: Dominate, Salem School District
Although the program has concluded, bonds were formed among team members that will provide support and motivation beyond the challenge.  Feedback has been extremely positive, with reports of increased employee moral, healthier workplaces, and an overall improvement in exercise regimens and eating habits.  The WCA Group Health Trust would like to thank all the participants and program coordinators for making the program such a success.    

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