2018 GHT Resolution Recharge Challenge Concludes!

Posted on March 22, 2018

The WCA Group Health Trust Resolution Recharge has ended. Over 1,200 participants registered for the six-week weight loss challenge. Many reported outstanding results. Thank you to everyone that participated.

See Final Results for the 2018 WCA Group Health Trust Resolution Recharge here.

Some of the successful participants shared their strategies.

  • Diane Prenot, Buffalo County: "Meal planning while recording calories, and steps made for great success."
  • Vang Maya, Oshkosh Area School District: "Packing only fruits and vegetables for snacks was very helpful. It helped me stay away from the chips and other unhealthy snacks."
  • Robin Dolliver, Marinette County: "It is the little things that add up to make a difference. In addition to walking on my lunch break, I would take the stairs multiple times a day and tried to have a small healthy protein snack in between meals."
  • Danielle Nelson, CESA 2: "In addition to cooking healthier options my husband and I have started to go for walks. I am proud of the progress we have made so far."
  • Denise Check, School District of Rhinelander: "I started back at the gym and it feels good. The scale may not be going down fast but I feel better."
  • Abby Cornell, Oshkosh Area School District: "My coworker and I did the challenge together and had fun comparing and sometimes complaining about our results."
  • Elizabeth Doehling, Menasha Joint School District: "The challenge pushed me to be conscious of my food and exercise choices and I feel it is now becoming a habit, one I am looking forward to continuing."
  • Julie Mich, Fond du Lac School District: "I tend to eat more simple carbs when I am unhappy. Now that I am aware of that, I know I need to think about why I am eating."
  • Sandra Renner, Hortonville Area School District: "I tried to eat more fruits and vegetables and very little bread. I plan to add some moderate exercise as the weather gets nicer."
  • Houa Vang, Appleton Area School District: "Be motivated and dedicated to your diet and workouts and you will see change."
  • Jennifer Kaufman, Kimberly Area School District: "I am pleased not only with the weight loss, but also the transformation in what I eat and my workout routine."
  • Jean Giller, Burnett County: "These challenges keep me on task to watch what I eat and to exercise more."
  • Susan Sleezer, Green Lake County: "Slow but steady progress is good!"

The GHT Resolution Recharge challenge was a six-week weight loss challenge and began February 4 and ended March 18, 2018.

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