2020 GHT Resolution Recharge Concludes

Posted on March 15, 2020

The WCA Group Health Trust (GHT) Resolution Recharge Challenge concluded on March 15. Congratulations to everyone that participated and made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Even thought the challenge has ended and coronavirus COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, try to keep making healthy choices. 

Those individuals with the highest weight loss percentage will receive a prize. A random drawing was done to break any ties. For a complete list of participants with at least a 1% weight loss percentage please click here.

Maintain Healthy Habits During The Pandemic!
All of our lives have been impacted in some way by the coronavirus COVID-19. It is now more important than ever to have healthy habits. The American Heart Association has several tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep moving, even if you are spending more time at home. You can create a home workout. Click here for ideas.
  • Be sure to have healthy foods on hand. See a list of healthy food suggestions here.
  • Most importantly try to reduce stress. See some stress relief ideas by clicking here.

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