GHT Walking Challenge Final Results Announced!

Posted on November 7, 2018

Over 1,500 Participants Representing 75 Groups Took Part!

The GHT walking challenge has concluded. There were 1,521 participants registered, representing 75 different groups. Throughout the challenge 175 prizes were awarded. The week four winners and overall winners have been chosen.

Click here to see GHT Walking Challenge Week 4 winners of the participant drawing.

Winter Walking Tips
Cold and wet weather can make it difficult to get a daily walk in. An obvious choice to stay active would be to join a fitness center. If you do not want to spend the money for a membership there are other ways to stay active.

1. Try walking at a shopping mall. The temperature is controlled and the walking surface is smooth. The next time you visit the grocery store, walk once around the outer aisles before you begin your shopping. Another option may be a community center or other public building that allows indoor walking.

2. Use the stairs. Start slow and build up to more flights of stairs. During your break or lunch walk the stairs. Grab a buddy for inspiration!

3. Walk while you talk. If you are able, walk around when you are on the phone. Or have a walking meeting. Rather than sitting in an office, take a walk and talk!

4. Walk around your living room while watching TV. Put your remote away and get up and manually change the channels. Make an effort to get up and walk around during the commercials. If your home is too small, try marching in place.

5. Do not be afraid of the colder temperatures and snow. Dress appropriately and enjoy the winter wonderland. However, you should avoid areas that are ice covered.

A brisk walk, whether done inside or out is advantageous to your health. Do not let the changing weather hinder your efforts!

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