GHT Fitness Challenge Team Leaders: Your Responsibilities

Posted on April 10, 2014

Challenge Begins April 20th thru June 14th

Dear Team Leaders:

Thank you for participating in the GHT Fitness Challenge and volunteering to be a team leader. Please note all packages containing the kick off gift (salad bowl, safety strobe flashlight and fitness log to record daily points for each of your team members) will be shipped on April 11 to the Team Leader. 

The challenge will begin on April 20 and conclude June 14. Participants earn one point per ten-minute increment of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity or muscle strengthening activity. The weekly team goal is 160 points.

Team Leader Responsibilities

•    Report your team's total points by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. each week.  So, week one points are due April 29. There will be a form available online to complete. Look for a link to the form on our website, on Facebook and in the weekly update you will receive.  The form is the only way points are reported.

•    Please be sure to remember your team name and remind your team members, as you will need it when reporting your team's points, etc.  There are 256 teams signed up for the challenge, including your team name in all correspondence avoids any confusion especially when totaling points.

•    Remember participants can earn 10 bonus points for participating in a charity/community-sponsored event held April 20-June 14.  Please remind them to add these points into their total for the week.

•    These events in almost all cases will be open to the public. Also, to earn the points the team member must participate in the run, walk, etc. Simply volunteering does not qualify them for the bonus points.

•    Also remind participants in these events to submit an Event Participation Form.  A link to this form will also be in the weekly update and on our website.

•    Encourage team members to submit photos, which may be used in our newsletters or website. We especially like the action photos!

•    Lastly, encourage your team members to be truthful and fair.  This competition will be more fun if everyone is honest about his or her point totals.

Bonus Challenges

•    Each week there will be a different bonus challenge. If every team member completes the bonus challenge, that team will be entered in a weekly prize drawing.

•    The details for each week will be announced in our weekly newsletter and on our website.

•    The bonus challenge for week 1 is to utilize your salad bowl and bring your lunch to work for the entire workweek. The only exception allowed in this week's bonus challenge is if a team member has a business lunch scheduled or an individual is traveling and can't take their lunch.


•    Weekly Prize Drawing:  Every team that reaches the weekly goal of 160 points (1600 minutes) will be entered in a prize drawing.

•    Weekly Bonus Challenge Drawing: Teams with 100% participation in the bonus challenges will be eligible for a prize drawing.

•    Best Team Name:  There will be a contest for the best team name. Participants will vote on their favorite name.

•    8-Week Participants: Any team, regardless of point totals that reports points for all 8 weeks will be entered in a prize drawing at the conclusion of the challenge.

•    Challenge Winner: At the end of the challenge, the team with the most points accrued throughout the 8 weeks will win the grand prize. 

  • First Place: $100 VISA Gift Card for each team member
  • Second Place: $50 VISA Gift Card for each team member
  • Third Place: $30 VISA Gift Card for each team member

The weekly winners will be announced first on Facebook, Twitter and our website. Later, a weekly update will be emailed to everyone that provided an email address.  Please share the information with any of your team members that did not provide an email address. Prizes will be sent to the team leader, who is then responsible for distributing them to their team members.

Thank you for helping make this program a success!  Please contact Kelly Hageman via email or at 866.404.2700 with any questions.

Note: To view the memo to team leaders from Kelly Hageman, click here.

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