FDL County Embraces Wellness with "Couch to 5K Program"

Posted on August 19, 2015

<i>Runners with County Executive Buechel at the finish line!</i>

Runners with County Executive Buechel at the finish line!

Eight County Employees Trained for Nine Weeks; Completed Fondy Fair 5K

Fond du Lac County employees take their wellness very seriously.  Regular WCA Group Health Trust Fitness Challenge and other health challenges participants, a group of employees recently stepped up their focus even more by training for and completing a 5K race. 

Justin Kluesner, an avid runner who works in human resources for the county, headed up the popular running program for newer or inexperienced runners called "Couch to 5K."  For nine weeks, employees met Tuesdays and Thursdays after work. 

The group of runners started slowly, alternating between running 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds, ultimately working their way up to 3.1 miles, which is the total distance of a 5 kilometer, or 5K, race

On Saturday July 18 in Fond du Lac County, eight employees who participated in the Couch to 5K Program, as well as many other county employees who already were runners or walkers, were at the start line and after a brief rain delay, were off and "running."

According to Fond du Lac County's blog, "The Lighthouse Journal,"  When the starting horn finally sounded, nearly 200 participants took off in temperatures that seemed to keep climbing. While starting the race made some nervous, the elation of completing it soon erased those fears. “I had a time in mind that I wanted to beat so that is all I was thinking when I was getting close to the finish line. Crossing the line is exhilarating,” said Becky Wagner (Land & Water Conservation).

One by one each racer finished, most well under their goal times. In those moments, the hard work of the past several weeks flooded into their minds. “I came from being winded while running 60 seconds on the first week of the program and now I just completed the race!,” says Mary Fortney (Human Resources). For Kay Lock (Health Department), the experience has proved she is capable of more than she imagined, stating, “I thought I was getting old as I turned 52 this year, but I realized I can still do lots with the appropriate training.

The WCA Group Health Trust assists in funding the Fond du Lac County wellness program, as well as sponsored the runners race day shirts and regularly works with the county on wellness initiatives.  Congratulations to the Fond du Lac County employees who ran the Fondy Fair 5K, which included:

  • Ann Kitowski (Land Information)
  • Brenda Woelfel (Probate)
  • Marsha Spittel (Child Support)
  • Becky Wagner (Land & Water Conservation).
  • Mary Fortney (Human Resources)
  • Kay Lock (Health Department
  • Tammy Lietz (Child Support)

To see the Justin Kluesner's complete blog entry, as well as view runner profiles and learn more about this exciting wellness initiative in Fond du Lac County, click here.

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