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The WCA Group Health Trust was established in 1991 when a concerned group of Wisconsin county officials joined together to create an employee benefit program that would meet the unique needs of local governments. Today, their founding principals still remain at the core of the WCA Group Health Trust.

  • Offering financial security by participating in a larger group;
  • Providing adaptability and flexibility by custom designing employee benefit programs to meet their individual needs;
  • Providing options for cost savings, including managed care services, access to preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and other health care networks;
  • Offering stability in health programs; and
  • Providing members with the availability of health care utilization data.
  • Offering comprehensive wellness programs.

One of the things that make the WCA Group Health Trust unique is that it is governed by officials from participating units of government and school districts. With the WCA Group Health Trust, the decision makers are the consumers and the direct involvement of these officials makes the WCA Group Health Trust more responsive to local healthcare needs.

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